Interactive digital art experience at TeamLab Tokyo

Friends had recommended we check this one out so we bought tickets and hurried to Odaiba (via a pleasant monorail trip) to join the queues.

TeamLab is an interactive digital art experience spread out over two floors of a massive warehouse in Tokyo’s Odaiba neighbourhood. It’s the sort of place where you could easily spend half a day, as before you know you’re totally immersed in a different world where you are encouraged to embrace your inner child. It really is very clever, very high-tech and a bit magical.

Photos of TeamLab

Tips for enjoying TeamLab:

Wear light coloured clothing – the light effects will be more impressive with pale clothing as a canvas

Wear trousers or be prepared to borrow one of their skirts if you plan to investigate the room with mirrored flooring

Wear flat shoes as the ground is often undulating

Some areas are barefoot-only

Take plenty of photos

If you have small children keep them close to you as it would be very easy to lose them and some rooms are rabbit-warren-like

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