360 Allstars Review

Our reviewers were lucky enough to check out the all-new show from the international smash hit urban circus 360 Allstars. Read on to find out what we loved about this fun, high-energy performance, and also our tips for enjoying family-friendly Fringe acts such as 360 Allstars.

Review by Susannah Marks 19 February 2019

360 Allstars

Here at Play & Go we love the Adelaide Fringe Festival. We love seeing Adelaide come alive in February and March and we love all the family-friendly Fringe shows that remind us of the joy we felt when we were children seeing a circus act for the first time.

If like me you are still in shock about the fact that the school holidays are over, and the indisputable fact that the school term (and the love/hate relationship with packed lunches) is officially here in earnest; you could be forgiven for not being organised about booking tickets to the Fringe.

Except for the fact that you might miss out on some excellent Fringe acts. Like the 360 Allstars. Spoiler alert: they’re incredible and you don’t want to miss them.

360 Allstars review by Susannah Marks for Play & Go. Image credit: Matt Loncar, via 360 Allstars Onyx Production website

Play & Go review of the 360 Allstars 2019 Fringe show

About two minutes into the show I was struck by the realisation that the 360 Allstars are pretty much a super-cool, super-talented bunch of performers who are possibly even superhuman.

I’m not sure what your breakdancing skills are like, but mine have pretty much lain latent since I was about seven and we were taught the moonwalk during PE class. I think at the time I thought I was pretty solid, but looking back I realise I was distinctly average – especially on days like today when I find myself looking at true breakdancing genius in the form of Bboy Sette and Bboy Leerok. My kids loved the fact that their breakdancing battle was styled to resemble an old school video game.

It wasn’t just the breakdancing that had the crowd excited – BMX freestyling, beatboxing, basketball freestyling and roue cyr wheel were equally spectacular.

360 Allstar’s ensemble of seven internationally acclaimed artists had the crowd enthralled. We were awestruck by their extraordinary artistry and technique, and their apparently effortless control over their individual art forms. The show was fun for the whole family and my kids were on the edges of their seats for nearly the entire performance – if not giving standing ovations.

Fringe 360 Allstars


Highlights for my kids were world-champion basketball freestyler Bavo (I can’t carry five basketballs at once let alone ever imagine doing tricks with them), the live music created by New Zealand X-Factor winner and loop artist Beau Monga, and the incredibly beautiful roue Cyr performance that defied gravity. There were also some enjoyable moments of audience participation which were perfect for capturing the attention of the younger members of the audience.

Our verdict

Don’t miss the chance to see these hand-picked superstars. And don’t be surprised if your little daredevils are inspired to practice some of their own stunts at home in the backyard.

Which brings me to Play & Go tips for enjoying 360 All Stars

On the afternoon we went it was very hot and sunny. The queue extended right around the side of the Moa tent in Gluttony, and consisted of plenty of (equally excited) families, all of us eagerly anticipating the 360 Allstars show, all of us hot and bothered and desperately trying to seek whatever shade we could find.

  • bring water bottles
  • consider bringing a spritzer bottle (I happened to have one in my handbag and it was an unexpected plus), hats and sunscreen
  • come prepared to spend money on some 360 Allstars merchandise (mainly in the form of t-shirts) for your little die-hard fans
  • it’s noisy inside so if your kids don’t tolerate loud shows this one may not be for you. Having said this, the three year old was totally fine with the volume, even adding to it at times

Book tickets here

360 Allstars review by Susannah Marks for Play & Go. Image credit: Matt Loncar via 360 Allstars Onyx Production website

Gluttony App

This year Gluttony have launched their very own app to help you select shows, keep up to date with artist profiles, check performance times, receive special offers and more.  It’s available to download for free for both iPhones and Android phones.  Read more about Gluttony here.

For more information and all enquiries please visit the Fringe website.

What:   360 Allstars – 2019 Review

When:    Friday 15 February  – Sunday 17 March 2019 | Evening shows at 6:30pm, Matinee at 4pm

Where:  The Moa at Gluttony | Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka, Cnr of East Terrace and Rundle Rd, Adelaide

Who:   Everyone. Rated G

Image Source: Matt Loncar via Onyx Productions website, provided. This review was originally published on Play & Go Adelaide and you can see it here.

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